Nike Has Cancelled a Billing Agreement with You

Nike has recently made a decision to cancel their billing agreement with certain customers. This news may come as a surprise to many individuals who have been using Nike`s services for a long time. The reason for this decision is not clear, but it is possible that Nike is undergoing some changes to their billing system or services.

If you have received the message “Nike has cancelled a billing agreement with you,” don’t panic, as this does not necessarily mean that your account has been terminated. According to Nike, the message is simply a notification that your billing agreement has ended, and you may need to take action to update your payment information or renew your subscription.

As a Nike customer, you should be aware that this change may impact your access to certain features or services. For example, if you are part of Nike`s subscription service, you may experience a delay or interruption in receiving your monthly shipments. Or if you have been enrolled in Nike’s online training programs, you may no longer have access to these resources.

To ensure you maintain your access to Nike’s products and services, it is important to take action as soon as possible. Here are the steps you can take if you have received this message:

1. Log in to your Nike account and confirm whether your billing information is up-to-date. If your billing information needs to be updated, follow the prompts to enter your new information.

2. If you are part of Nike`s subscription service, check if your subscription is still active and renew if necessary.

3. Contact Nike customer support if you have any further questions or concerns regarding your account.

In conclusion, while receiving the message “Nike has cancelled a billing agreement with you” may cause concern, it is important to take action to maintain your access to Nike`s products and services. By following the steps outlined above, you can renew your subscription or update your billing information, and continue to enjoy all that Nike has to offer.

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